In light of current guidance regarding the risk of Covid-19, the RESPECT Team have taken the following stance to ensure that we can maintain training and recertification’s whilst adhering to government guidance and the Restraint Reduction Network training standards. 

This stance will be in operation until 31 March 2021 and will be reviewed in line with government guidance. 

Our priority is to maintain safety for all. We are confident that our current risk assessment is adequate to maintain safety and can offer two options for continued training and recertification.

For both options, we will ensure where needed:

  • Complete PPE for our staff and participants
  • Temperature checks for our staff and participants
  • Social distancing is maintained during training (aside from physical intervention training requirements).

Our preferred option is to deliver a hybrid approach to training which includes:

  • All theory and updates for recertifications to be completed online
  • Physical interventions to be delivered via small groups for shorter periods
  • Ensuring all appropriate PPE and social distancing requirements are maintained.

This approach is compliant with BILD ACT and RRN standards and will ensure that all competencies are maintained while allowing a more fluid approach to delivery.

We do appreciate that some areas are maintaining a lockdown focus and employers will not allow any face to face training to occur, therefore we are agreeable to an alternative option, only if our preferred option is declined.

Online recertification with remote access to trainers 

Complete recertifications online to include:

  • Observations of all physical interventions checking health and safety implications
  • Cultural context review and discussion of restraint intervention and reduction plans moving forward.

The RESPECT Team would require assurances that all instructors have access to appropriate equipment to ensure that physical interventions can be thoroughly examined by a RESPECT Senior Trainer. To review the physical training components, the Senior Trainer may ask that certain interventions are observed via video call to ensure that these are practiced correctly in line with current risk assessment. This will require access to a camera/tablet connected to a laptop which must be supplied by the participant organisation.

This option will accommodate smaller groups and will be delivered by a RESPECT Senior Trainer virtually.

Do you use agency staff?

All staff who are likely to use restrictive interventions must have training that is certified as complying with the RRN training standards − this includes temporary staff, staff employed through an external agency and floating or bank staff. It is the responsibility of the agency to ensure any temporary staff sent to work in a service have had the appropriate certified training and experience for that population and setting. Full details of the new RRN standards can be found here.

If you use RESPECT and have agency staff, please ask your agency to contact RESPECT on 01472 583030 to arrange appropriate training to ensure your service users are fully supported.